Encouraging furloughed workers to ‘Pick for Britain’

In order to help cultivate the UK harvest, furloughed workers across Britain are being encouraged to become fruit and vegetable pickers. This requirement has arisen due to a nationwide labour shortage caused by seasonal migrant workers being unable to travel. The British Growers Association believes that approximately 70,000 seasonal staff are needed in a year but there’s only around 1 third of the usual number of migrant workers currently in the UK.

Recruiting furloughed workers
Despite the Government flying in 150 Romanian farm workers to help bring the harvest in, there’s still a frantic recruitment drive undergoing across agricultural industries. To help farmers with this, the Government has worked with key industry groups to develop their new Pick for Britain hub.

Advertising fruit and vegetable picking vacancies
Before it can be fully promoted to the public, the website needs to be populated with available job vacancies and as such, agricultural communities are being urged to post these as soon as possible. The website guidance requests that those looking for individuals should post on the Government’s free Find a Job service. This website allows farmers to post job vacancies for those interested and already has 1.6 million registered users. Over 144,000 employers are currently using the site to find labour.

They request that GLAA licensed recruitment companies or growers, with their own employment website should advertise on Pick for Britain’s Jobs page.

Positive public response
NFU Vice President Tom Bradshaw said of the public response:

“We have already seen a fantastic response from the public wanting to pick for Britain this summer.”

“Farmers are incredibly proud to be producing food for the nation at this crucial time but there are challenges and the support of the British public is incredibly valued.”

We support UK farmers
As a business, Prospero would just like to extend a big thank you to the agricultural businesses and farmers who are keeping the nation fed during these testing times. We endeavour to continue supporting you through keeping your business financially protected with the right cover and will remain available when you need us to discuss your options following any major changes to the running of your business. Please do get in touch to discuss your farm insurance options, including any additional cover that could help you, by calling us on 0800 689 1370.