Fancy a unique last minute Valentine’s Day experience?

It’s easy to dismiss Valentine’s Day as just another money-making scheme or fall into the same routine each year with a meal out. But if you use the day as an excuse to try a fun new experience with your partner, the possibilities then become endless.  And if you really just don’t like Valentine’s Day, let’s see if we can change your mind. 

Visit a new country
How about surprising your other half with a weekend trip away? Fancy gelato by the Trevi Fountain? Or a stroll around Park Güell? The prospect of exploring new places together could be a sure-fire win this Valentine’s Day. 

Skydiving Experience
Whilst beginner skydivers won’t be able to jump with their partner in tandem, you can both undertake your ground training with your partner, share the plane ride up and get the chance to rave about your jump once you’re back firmly on the ground.

Learn the art of beekeeping with your loved one by your side. Not only do you get to don the gear so you both look the part, but you also get to sample loads of honey, tour their homes and see the bees in action. You’ll both get a buzz out of this one.

Go dancing
Whether you go for a salsa lesson, strut your moves in street dancing class or go ballroom dancing, this is a great alternative way to spend your Valentine’s Day. You’ll both be able to let your hair down, have fun and learn some new moves. 

Visit a planetarium
This may be a little outside of the box but bear with us on this one. Imagine sitting under the revolving galaxies with your partner, complete with a bottle of champagne and indoor heating? If you can’t find one near you, maybe just wrap up warm and have a moonlit picnic underneath the stars – umbrella advised. 

Get a couple’s massage
It can often be difficult to remember to take time out for yourself, so why not treat you and your partner to a couple’s massage? Or you could go one step better and indulge in a full spa day.

Whatever you do, think outside the box and make it a memorable one!