Tools in Transit Insurance

They say a bad workman always blames his tools but even a good workman can’t blame his tools if they have been stolen or damaged whilst being loaded or unloaded from a vehicle. 

Nearly everyday we see posts on social media from tradesmen and women saying either their van has been stolen or someone has broken in and stolen their tools and equipment.

Insurance does not have to be expensive and Prospero can provide peace of mind to workmen and women, to quickly enable them to replace valuable tools in the event they are stolen or damaged. 

Tools in Transit cover costs only £99.00 including Insurance Premium Tax, per year and includes the following as standard;

£5,000 indemnity limit as standard, other limits available on request

Cover for damaged tools whilst being loaded onto, housed upon or unloaded from the vehicle

Cover for theft  from the vehicle, even when the vehicle is unattended or parked overnight (restrictions, terms and conditions apply)

For more information please contact Mark on 07481 793773.